Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tales of Preoccupation

pre·oc·cu·pa·tion - noun - something, as an idea, which preoccupies one, a state of being much interested or engrossed.

It seems like the long, hot days of summer are the perfect time for my mind to wander. I have a million things going on in my life and yet I find myself thinking of new projects and new business endeavors. I really should be working on all the items left on the "To Do" list for my upcoming Fall craft shows. I am lucky to be busy with my online printing business and I have a steady stream of orders to take care of, but I find myself focused on new ideas.

These are not just little ideas, these are things that could change my business and my life. I try to set a schedule for all the things in my life; days to work on my folk art, days to work on my printing business; time for my family; time for my clubs and charities and even time for just me. So why am I trying to add to this mess? Why am I working harder and longer on all my other projects and why am I absorbed with something else? I find myself waking up at 4:00 am just thinking about how to make this idea happen.

I believe that the little voice in your head is God speaking to me, it may not be a burning bush, but it is a message that started out as a whisper and now it has progressed to a shout! It is time for me to listen. Every time I have listened to that voice I have been set on a new and wonderful road to adventure. My sister says that God has a miracle for all of us, and I know that He has given me this idea and now it is up to me to work out the problems and make it happen.

I am a note taker, I think better when I write things down and see them in black and white, hence a blog! Right now I must have two spiral notebooks full of notes and scribbles about these new endeavors, so the time is right. My mom used to say it is "time to fish or cut bait", so I guess a journey begins. These kind of things never happen when you have nothing to do, they never happen when you need a little pick me up, they always come at the worst possible time, sort of like getting pregnant! But if we all waited for the "perfect" time we wouldn't have kids and nothing would get done.

Imagination and creativity are contagious, and when you are at your most productive I think that is like adding water to a buried seed, now it is time to work hard to make that idea grow. So I guess my tale of preoccupation has changed, stay tuned for a tale of obsession!

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