Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Meeting!

The first meeting of the Houston Chapter of A Primitive Journey was this last Saturday.  As director I am in charge of getting all the members together on the third Saturday of each month for something fun.  I guess the state of Texas is not the hot bed of Primitive decor.  As of Saturday, I am the only member signed up for this chapter, so taking things into my own hands I decided to do some recruiting.

Mr. MySpareTime and I are members of a Supper Club and three of the women in that group are Prim Lovers.  Our August dinner was this last Saturday at the home of Sharon and Bob Oakes and I took this opportunity to tell my friends about A Primitive Journey and our group.  I also wanted to see the improvements Bob and Sharon had made to their home since Hurricane Ike put a few trees in their living room. Here are a few pictures of the beautiful prim displays Sharon has around her home and the wonderful appetizers she had prepared.

Sharon and Bob had to move out of their home for several months while work was being done to repair the extensive damage done by the storm and Sharon says she has still not gotten all of her things back in place.

Thank you Bob and Sharon for letting me share a small tour of your beautiful home.

If you live in the greater Houston, Texas area and would like to join A Primitive Journey Chapter, just hop on over to A Primitive Journey Forum and sign up.

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