Friday, February 18, 2011

It Feels Like Spring!

The weather is warm and Spring is in the air! 

We have had great weather all week and it looks like we could get a few showers later today, but I am not letting that squelch the feeling of Spring!

I have been accumulating new things for this years craft season and they have been piling up in my garage for several months.  Now that the warm weather is here Mr. MySpareTime can finally get these things out of his domain.

I found a few more things last night when I ran to Hobby Lobby.  That is a great shopping center for me, Hobby Lobby, then Dollar Tree and then Goodwill. {a trifecta of crafting stores!}

 I didn't hit Dollar Tree last night but here are the things I snagged at Goodwill.

I have so many plans for this weekend and I know that I really need to be productive.  March 1st is the launch of the Folk Artist group The Prim Nest and I am sorry to say that I am not ready.  I only have to have 4 items on the site, but to tell you the truth it is hard for me to come up with Spring/Easter items.  I have all my ideas ready just not started or finished. 

One of my biggest faults is that I cannot leave things alone until they look EXACTLY the way I want them.  I'm not a girl who SETTLES,{ask Mr. MySpareTime!} and the smallest detail can sometimes set my teeth on edge.  As I mentioned, The Prim Nest is getting ready to launch, so a couple of days ago I needed to do all the boring stuff on the site like uploading my banner, writing all the shipping info and policies and getting the administration stuff on my little page ready for the products.

Nothing is as simple as it seems.{read that again out loud!} I thought this will be an easy upload and then I would be off and running.  Oh no, the banner{the one above} was too large, so a simple Photoshop session and it will be just great.  Oh no, every time I uploaded the darn thing it had white fringe around parts of the banner and that was driving me crazy!  So I ended up spending several hours completely redoing that banner {all 27 layers} to take off the shadows and make the thing smaller.  Then I thought while I am here I will make my Etsy banner to match, well those darn things are so short that I had to adjust all the layers {again!} to get them all to fit.  Well it is done now and I love the way it turned out, but boy what a mess. 

Mark your calendars to fly by The Prim Nest and check out the flock!

Thanks for stopping by.

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