Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Am I Crazy?

You know how you get something in your mind and you just can't shake it?  I have been toying with an idea for sometime now and I think I am ready to have a Home Craft Show.

I know the sign is classy, even for Texas, and I would be hard pressed to find a nice toilet for the yard, but I think I could come up with something!

I saw pictures of a wonderful Christmas Craft Show posted on PrimMart.com  last year and haven't been able to get them out of my mind.  I thought that Cheryl from HandmadebyCheryl did such a fantastic job on her show that it made me think I could do that too!  For all the money I spend in booth rent I could advertise and have a pretty nice show. 

I thought it would be nice to do it with someone else, but the reality is that I work better on my own.  I like to run the show and be the boss and I would only want to do it with someone who had a great customer following and that isn't anyone I know who's items would work well with mine.  I really don't want jewelry or baby things, so I think I would just do it alone.

I have a studio behind my garage and it would be perfect for the show. 

I used to work out there, but to be honest I turned it over to my son's for a Man Cave and they have moved out or moved on from that.  So my little studio is just sitting there being used as a storage room for all my craft show stuff.  So why not make it into a magical little shop for a few weekends in the fall?  My poor little studio needs a face lift {high humidity and heat, do a number on things in South Texas}.  We are going to reside the building and put in a new floor and this baby will be good as new.  I have some great ideas for my humble little building, but this was something that I paid cash for with my Craft Show earnings.  I was quite proud of this little building and know this is Craft Show is something I can make work.

If you have done a home Craft Show post a comment and let me know some of the tricks of the trade!  I mentioned it to my sister and all she said was "Don't you know about the Craig's List killer?"  I wouldn't want people in my house, but the studio is OK and Mr. MySpareTime would be with me, so I feel the freak factor would be low.

I guess what really got me to thinking about all this was I mailed off another booth rent last week and realized it would be the last time I did that show.  I just find it hard to let go. 

I also finished a few more things for inventory.

This is the seat of a cute wooden swivel stool

A vintage front door cut in half and made into a great wall hanging!

A few more wooden signs

A few wooden snowmen,

A cupboard door panel painted and embellished with vintage buttons,

and a cute door panel with snowman. 
{I cut off the part with the vintage scrabble tiles on his scarf}

Let me know if you have any great ideas on the Home Craft Show.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous idea. I love your little craft cottage. I would love to have one. I love all of your painted stuff. I really want to learn to paint. It is adorable!! I think it would go over well to have a home craft show!! Good luck!!

  2. Good luck Babette! I haven't done one myself but I did see several sandwich signs in different neighborhoods last fall/winter and never investigated but I did hear that gals where opening their homes to a one day cash and carry craft show. I'm really toying with the idea later this summer. Wish I had more info for you but I'm sure whatever you put your mind to will work out.

  3. Sounds like an awesome idea! I would LOVE to do something like that, but I have no room. I would LOVE a little shop on my property...I can only dream LOL. I know a lady that opens her whole house for a one day craft show. She takes all her knickknacks, valuables, etc...puts them away and has the sale in everyroom of her house. I kid you not, the bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, living room, basement, etc...she has been doing this for 5 yrs. and does awesome. Every yr. she makes a ton of money. She also serves hot apple cider, cookies and bars. She does this show the first week of December. I wish I lived closer to you, I would come. I LOVE your work! Good Luck with what you decide....

  4. Thanks ladies, I am really excited about this new venue. Mr. MySpareTime and I talked about it and I think we have all the details worked out. This year I can collect names, addresses and email addresses at the shows and then be ready for next year. I talked to a gal yesterday that does shows out of her home and she said they are a huge success. I will keep you posted!

  5. Babette,

    I am already LOVING some of your new creations! I will be coming back in October just to come to your show at Northampton. I am just curious how I'm going to get it to Delaware! Mom and I can't wait to see you!!


  6. Kim, What in the heck are you doing in Delaware? I'm so glad you like some of the new things, wait till you see all the Santa stuff! Can't wait to see you and your mom. Keep following along and see you in October!

  7. Hi Babette! This sounds like an awsome idea! I would love to do something like this! Not sure if my stuff is something that would work or not. Your not that far from me either! I would love to hear back from you! Nutter, aka Shawnette :)
    And it has been sooooo hot here!!! I think we are in for some rain next week though.... FINALLY!!!

  8. Oh Babette, don't feel bad...my studio has become storage as well. It's an awesome space (12x20 with a porch in the back yard). I never did get siding on it and the heat is taking it's toll on it. I even have a new a/c unit to install. I say go for it! You have sawsome stuff and I'm sure a great following.


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