Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Last Northampton Craft Show!

As a lot of you know Mr. MySpareTime and I
have put in many hours each year to run a
charity craft show for the Northampton Home & Garden Club.
This is a club I have been a member in for many years.

Over the last 5 years we have been chief cook and
bottle washer at this event and the time had come
for us to step down. 

There is a lot of work involved
in making a craft show a profitable and fun event.
I know we had succeeded because over the years the
charity was able to give away thousands of dollars in
college scholarships to the high school Art Department.

It was a bittersweet show season; knowing that I would
not return next year and still excited about seeing all my friends
 and loyal customers who come each year.

As you can see they have a wonderful location for the show
and I had a prime booth!

We had plenty of space and we were the
first booth you saw when you walked in the door.

We will miss being part of this show, it was the first
craft show that my sister and I did many years ago.
Things have changed over the years but this was
always one of my best.  Thanks to everyone for making
it so great!

But now on to bigger and better things!
Never look back with regret, know when something
has run its course and move on. 

So now mark your calendars for
October 5th and 6th
because we will be having a private show
in my studio!

More about that later, so thank for stopping by.

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