Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Try This Again!

As you can see, I failed miserably with my attempt to
post photos everyday until show day.
I have a very good excuse, my sister dropped in, literally!
The marathon paint fest had started out with a bang on
Friday and I was whipping through things right and left.
{Pictures of those things further down}
Got an early start again on Saturday and knew I was
going to get a lot finished.  I did, I think I got 8 pieces completed
and ready for Mr. MySpareTime to wax.
He was outside finishing up a diry job of power washing our
huge circular drive way and patio.  I get a call from my sister and
when I see the name on my phone I thought she was calling to tell me she was
home safely from her cruise.  Boy was I wrong, she called to tell
me that they were stranded in Houston!  They had missed
their connection on to Tulsa due to bad weather in Miami and
now had no place to go from 5pm on Saturday until 8am on Sunday.
So Mr. MySpareTime and I jumped into some clean clothes and
headed for the airport.  We had my sister, my brother-in-law,
my neice and her husband as house guest for an unexpected visit!
It was great, just want I needed to take a break.
It just happened to be my sister's birthday and we could all spend it
together. But that is my excuse for not posting on Saturday and Sunday!
So here are a few photos of what I got finished over this crazy weekend!
A great red wood bowl filled with vintage kitchen
items, an old egg beater, pie plate, strainer, a measuring
cup and cookie cutters. Not to mention the great
smelling gingerbread man cookie!

A vintage popcorn popper. A great accent by
the fireplace.
And a vintage kids snow shovel!
There is that wonderful burlap
webbing again, don't you just love it?
Come back tomorrow for more eye candy.
Thanks for stopping by.

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