Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that it is 2013 already!
As far as I'm concerned, I am ready for a new year.
Not that the past year was bad, in fact it was really, really good!
We became grandparents for the first time,
Our online businesses have been doing well
and Kraft Outlet got listed as "A Website We Love"
by Country Living Magazine. {November Issue}
And when someone says "it pays to advertise"
boy are they right.  We had about 25 orders per day
for about 6 weeks! 
But now I am ready to get down to business and the time
between Christmas and New Year's is my planning time.
I figure out all the things I need or want to change about the
three websites.  I am always tweaking things and these plans
give me a road map to my coming year.  Now, as always, we
hit a few pot holes or take a wrong turn, but I usually finish the
year along the lines of the plan.
I got a wild idea in my planning, that I would organize my blog
postings and that would make it easier to keep up with.  Well I
have spent quite a bit of time on the Internet looking for just the
right blog planner,
and I found this cute little number.  Then I started reading
all the things you are suppose to be doing when you blog.  Come on,
let's be honest, I will never do this!  I just sit down and write what is
going on at the moment.  I try to do all the things I should do, but
usually my posts consist of me writing in my pj's and then
running outside to grab a few pictures of the stuff I am talking about.
So I figured that the time I spent looking for the perfect blog planner
was just a waste and I will continue with my catch as catch can approach.
I am going to try to post weekly about the things I am doing and
then come summer I will try to up the posts to twice a week.
We will see how that goes!
Talk to you next week and thanks for stopping by!

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