Friday, August 15, 2014

For Sale Friday at My Spare Time Designs

The days are ticking off and it will soon be show time! 

Mr. MySpareTime and I are working hard getting everything ready for the big day in October.  I have usually made several trips to Canton and Tulsa by this time of year but life gets in the way.  We are trying to squeeze in a working holiday this month for the final push.

So here are a few more things we have ready for the sale.

16" Tall Vintage Ceiling Tile Christmas Tree 

7.5" Mini Snow Angel with Wooden Wings

9.5" Small Snow Angel with Vintage Wings 

10" Medium Snow Angel with Wooden Wings and Rusty Star 

12" Large Snow Angel with Vintage Ceiling Tile Wings
and Rusty Metal Cross 
Santa Candle Holder with Rusty Bell & Star

Silent Night Winter Tissue Box 

Noel Clock 

Tall Santa Stool 

See you next Friday for more goodies!  Thanks for stopping by.

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