Friday, March 31, 2017

Spring Is In The Air....

And you know what that means at my house? PROJECTS!

All those winter months when it was too cold or wet to spray paint and my busy mind was back logging projects.  Now that the pine tree pollen is over and we have long stretches of sunny warm weather it is time to let the projects begin!

That is my excuse for not getting any patterns done in 2 WEEKS! We bought a smoker at the end of last summer and decided to build a summer kitchen in the back yard.  So plans were thought out and supply lists made over the winter, just waiting on Spring.  I have also been planning a redecoration of my bed and bathroom, so that big plan was formulated and ready for launch as soon as the kitchen was completed.  I was rockin' right along and figured we could have all this done by April.

Then we decided to take my sister to Liberty Trade Days for a little fun and all my plans went to hell in a hand basket! We found a GORGEOUS farm table and bought it on the spot.  Now I have a huge custom built table sitting in my living room because I haven't started the update on the Dining Room.
So that project moved up in importance and the bed/bath got shoved back.  I will be lucky to get all three of these projects done by FALL!

So the point of this long story is to make me feel better about not getting my patterns completed these past weeks! This is another way of saying "the dog ate my homework!"

Here is what I have finished. Well, something is better than nothing'!

You can find it in my Etsy Shop here.
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