Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tales of Adventure

Today is going to be an adventure!

I really haven't read too many blogs, much less written one, so todays entry is a momentus occation. I hope that blogging is as easy as it appears to be, but nothing in life ever is.

I know that most of you are as busy as I am, and these days there is nothing more precious to me than time. I will try my hardest to make these entries as interesting and informative as possible, to keep them short and simple and to bring a little humor to this learning process.

To start, I am a primitive crafter!
I wasn't always one; I have been a professional crafter for almost 15 years and I have seen many things change in the world of crafting, blogs for one. I remember all the craft fads that have come and gone, and I think I tried them all. But as I have learned in life, when you find your niche it feels like magically all things start to come together and pretty much run smoothly. Sometimes you have to really work hard to find the spot where you belong; but you will know it the minute you hit on it. When it seems like the craft is easy for you, you think about it all the time, you find inspiration from many things and most importantly you get possitive customer feedback that they really like what you are doing; then you have found your niche!

I had always admired and been drawn to primitive crafts, and I remember reading Country Marketplace magazine cover to cover. There were so many talented primitive country crafters there and as my skill progressed it was obvious that my craft had a life of it's own. I no longer used patterns, I drew my own. Everwhere I looked I found inspiration for things to create. But the biggest sign to me, that I had found my place in crafting, was when customers started following me from craft show to craft show; I knew I had made it!

In the beginning my sister and I did crafts together. We had booths in craft malls and traveled back and forth from Oklahoma to Texas doing craft shows together. Then as our children got older and in school we went in different directions, I started selling crafts in gift shops and I had 4 salesmen that traveled from Maine to Virginia selling my items wholesale. Then came the internet explosion and this offered endless sales possibilites and I launched my first website, Now I have 2 other websites, and the newest one, I never thought that crafting would take me in this direction but life has a way of changing many things and it is always an adventure!

Well this first post went pretty well; I only had to change it 3 times to get it the way I wanted.

I think ,all in all ,this will be a fun and exciting new adventure and the first in many Tales from an Online Primitive Crafter.

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