Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tales of Anticipation!

It seems like only yesterday we were packing up the last of the craft show setups and putting them away for next year. Well, "next year" is already here! I received my first 2008 Craft show confirmation today in the mail. This particular show is one that I have done for several years and I am always happy to get my old space back at The Judy Dierker Craft Classic at the Foundry United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.

I was very lucky to be accepted into this show the first time I applied. This was one of those craft shows that you start outside and in several years you work your way up to the main room. This show sells out of booth spaces one year in advance and I was happy to have that outside spot. I included with my written application the link to my website and a flyer with color photos of my folk art. I think that anything you can do to make your work visable to the selection committee is a good idea. The vendor selection chairperson contacted me and asked if I would like to be put on the waiting list for an inside booth and I quickly said yes. She commented about seeing my website and how much she liked my things, and said I would probably be able to move inside by the show date. A few weeks later another committee person called and said that she had seen my website, and they wanted to offer me a "Main Room" booth if I would like it. It didn't take me a second to jump at that deal and I said that I would immediately send a check for the booth price difference. I truly believe that putting my website information and link on that application helped seal the deal.

I have applied at three more shows and should be hearing back from them in the next few weeks, all of these shows are venues I have done before and look forward to doing again. My head is spinning from all the new ideas I would like to make this season. I have said that my problem is not creative block, it is not enough time to make all the things I come up with. I have already started accumulating the materials for all my new ideas and I have a notebook full of sketches, so now all I need is the time.

Right now it seems like a long way away, but October will be here before we know it and today I am full of excitement and a tale of anticipation!

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