Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tales of Time Off!

It always seems like the long hot days of summer start to run together and I get that same horrible feeling a hamster on a tread mill must have, going in circles and never really getting anywhere. That is my signal for a change in my crafting routine.

The temps in Houston this last week have been over 100 degrees and the heat index is around 105, so working in the garage on Santa's and Snowmen can be hazardous to your health! I usually try to start early in the morning so that I can be finished by the hot part of the day, but that doesn't always work out. My husband, John, works with me and by the time you have cut out and sanded 6 complete sets of wooden Snowmen you feel like you are made of paper mache'. Between the sweat and the saw dust you have a pretty good mixture of muck covering your face, arms and legs. So until there is a break in this heat we are going to work on new things, items that can be worked on inside, where the air conditioning is working and ceiling fans are running.

We have been working on our Craft Show items for almost 4 months now and a change is long overdue. This heat gives me the opportunity to finish up all the little odds and ends that have been piling up. Things that were waiting to be tagged or needed some small finishing touch in order to be ready for our first show in October. It always amazes me the amount of merchandise we can come up with. All of our items are original and handmade so they can take some time to finish. Here is a peek at my game room where we store all the finished items.

I know that summer will be over before we realize it and the craft show season will be upon us. I had better appreciate this week of time off and use it wisely, to bad I got a jury summons for Thursday! You know what they say, best laid plans! I will report next month on how this Time Off went and show you some of the new Santa's we will have at our shows this fall.

Talk to you next month,

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