Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to Work!

Well, the holiday is over and time to get back to work.  The 4th of July was kind of a bust here in South Texas, it rained very hard all day on Saturday and finally cleared up late Saturday evening.  It has been so very hot here and that coupled with all the rain made for the perfect sauna, so most folks stayed inside and that included me!

I had a goal for myself, and as usual I didn't quite make it.  I think I have my target set to high, but if you don't aim high you never get anywhere!  I have all my large wooden Fall and Snowmen cut, painted and assembled.  Now I need to finish about half of them and I will be able to put those things behind me and move on to Santa's.  We got two sets of the Santa's cut and sanded this last weekend and have about 12 more sets to go!  I was hoping to get all the Fall and Snowmen completed by the 4th, but came close. 

Well in my "Spare Time"  I thought that I wanted to add handmade potpourri, room sprays and primitive tin can soy candles to my craft shows and website.  My husband said "Absolutely NO!  I was already spread too thin and I couldn't take on anything more right now".  But I know they would be a great seller at the shows and I already knew what I wanted, my only problem was finding the time to do it.  Well ask and you shall receive!  I was talking about it at the dinner table and my youngest son, Graham and his girlfriend, Ashley, were there.  I just asked in passing would you all be interested in starting a small craft business and make the coordinating room sprays, potpourri and soy candles for me.  They jumped at the chance.  Problem solved! Now I have my youngest son in the craft business.

Mr. MySpareTime always says I think to much about stuff, but I don't like surprises and I just want to be prepared. So along with all the other things going on this weekend I got to thinking about my craft booth. I have always been very proud of the way our booth looks at shows and feel like we go the extra mile to make our displays look inviting.

And now with the addition of many more small items and the room sprays, candles and such I needed a new display.  I don't like my things to be expensive or store bought, I like for them to be upcycled items that we find or purchase at thrift stores or garage sales.  I knew exactly what I wanted but was having a hard time describing it to my husband, head of the production department.  I needed to run some errands yesterday and look what was waiting on me at Goodwill!  Score!!!

This is just what I wanted!  It needs some fixin up, but nothing big, just a little trim and some paint and it will be good to go.  What a perfect addition to my set up.  It has space for the stuff I am getting from Graham and Ashley and extra display space on top and doors to open and display handpainted holiday tea towels and maybe inside a place for pillows and such.  I will keep you posted as to the transformation.

Well better get busy around here, got a lot of orders over the three day weekend and need to start on that.
Talk to you Friday.


  1. Hi
    I have done craft show over 25 year here in Oklahoma .I love your set up ,and you right if the set up pulls them in.Then the smell will keep them there good luck. Krafty Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy,
    when I first started doing craft shows, about 15 years ago, we did several around Tulsa. They used to have great shows, but my sister who lives there said they are almost all gone. Thanks for the compliment.


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