Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Buried Alive!

Do you ever feel like the more you work the more behind you become?  A couple of weeks ago I felt like I was so far behind on painting that I would never be ready for my first show. (That darn little widget on the right hand side of my blog is taunting me!) So for over a month now, I have been really trying to get a regular painting schedule. 

A few days ago I thought, boy I'm tearing right through this stuff and then the next day didn't hardly get anything accomplished.  I guess even though you work on several things if they are not completed you don't feel like you have gotten much done.  Like I've mentioned before, I like to work on several pieces at one time, that eliminates the wait for drying. So the studio is filling up with almost finished Santa's and Snowmen and the game room is starting to have almost as many finished pieces and unfinished pieces, but the work continues.

And who could get any work done with this little friend hanging around?  My husband calls him Mr. Stinky but that cat has him wrapped around his paw, he is a real people cat.

I also wanted to show you all the cutest things ever.  I love Halloween and have been hitting Etsy pretty hard lately.  I found this wonderful Etsy Shop, Northwind Star, that has such great things and at such reasonable prices.  The first thing I bought was "Buzzy" her wonderful buzzard.

Then Buzzy needed friends, so I got three of her fantastic bats.

 And to save on shipping (wink,wink) I added something else to my shopping cart. 

I thought this wonderful cornucopia would be perfect all through the Fall season.

You know right now Fall seems a long way off, but I put up my Fall decor around the first of September, that is only 49 days. EEK!  I better get off here and head back over to Etsy, I had my eye on some adorable Black Cat Ornies!

Talk to you on Friday.

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  1. You've gotten lots of stuff completed! Could you please kick me in the butt and get me moving on my stuff....pleeeeeze?!


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