Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday, Mr. MySpareTime said that we needed a break from all the websites, blogs, craft show stuff and kids, and that we need a day to play.  We headed out for lunch and a treasure hunt!  I had several things in mind that I wanted to look for and this was the perfect opportunity to find them.  I needed small odd shaped bottles for a big Christmas gift for my Santa Exchange.  Usually I just tell Mr. MySpareTime what I want and he goes into "scanning mode" and comes up with some great things.  Well today was no different!

Our first SCORE were these humble (and obviously dirty) vintage Christmas glasses.

There is a long story behind these glasses and they have a special place at my holiday table.  Many years ago, 28 to be exact, Arby's was giving these away if you bought their breakfast sandwich.  I didn't eat breakfast sandwiches, but I wanted these glasses.  So my dear brother-in-law, Dan, ate an Arby's breakfast sandwich every morning for 8 days to get me those glasses as my Christmas gift, and these Arby's glasses have been on my Christmas table ever since.  Well, when we all had kids and they grew up and were able to eat that the "Big" table I needed more glasses.  I searched EBay and found 4 more and the tradition continued.  Well fast forward to yesterday, and we were in Goodwill and Mr. MySpareTime brought them over to me and knew they were destined for our house.  All of the kids are now grown; some have married and some have girlfriends, but I have enough glasses for everyone!

Here are a few more of the assorted things I found! 

Just "stuff" to use in my crafts, or for Halloween decorating. I am consumed with Halloween right now, well to be honest I have been all summer.  I caught the bug when I found a vintage Ouija Board on EBay and had to have it.  Many of these treasures will show up in later posts transformed into something else (except the olive boat - I lost mine and found this one for $2)

I have so much more to show you but I will save that for Friday. Okay, I know that is tomorrow, but I hear a glass of wine calling my name and I must heed the call.

Talk to you on Friday.

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