Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ever have one of those days?  Sometimes it feels like everything is going great and all things are aligned with the universe and then something happens.  Now this is not the end of the world, I was rocking right along getting things painted and in my over zealous crafting I painted a large wooden bowl that was not ready for paint. All of my items are base coated and then lightly sanded before I paint on them. Then after the paint has dried all wooden items are either stained or waxed. 

Well you can see for yourself what happens when things get out of sequence. 

 I never should have painted on a piece that wasn't already sanded.  Mr. MySpareTime gave it a light sanding and boy did it do a number on the paint job.
Totally my fault!
{there dear, you have it in writting}

Lesson learned, always check your paint surfaces before you spend a good hour on a piece.
But all is not lost, I just had to touch up the painted areas that got the worst of it and then once that paint had dried we decided to poly coat it.  {better safe than sorry!}

Once again Santa has a white, not black speckled, beard!
Time is drawing near for the first show, so back to the grind stone!

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