Thursday, October 14, 2010

One Down, Two to Go!

Well, the first craft show of the season is over and done and it was a huge success.  Thanks to all my wonderful customers and friends who support my crafting addiction. 

Here are a few pictures of our booth at the Northampton Spirit of the Holidays Marketplace.  This is our neighborhood show that is sponsored by the Northampton Home and Garden Club.  I am the vendor coordinator for this show, and this year we had over 50 vendors.  We raise money to fund college scholarships for art students at Klein Oak High School.  Each year we have given away at least 3 scholarships. 

Mr. MySpareTime has a new toy, a tiny little video camera.  He is still learning how to use it and once he gets all the kinks worked out we will post some video. 

This will be my only post this week, I need to get a few things completed before the Saturday show and I have been slammed with orders online.  Never complain about sales, but boy would I like a day off!  Oh the fantasy of sleeping in {7:30 am for me}, doing something fun {hanging out in Barnes and Nobles} and going out to a restaurant for dinner {no Taco Bueno or scrambled eggs}! 

Knock, Knock, Wake up that was a dream!

Back to reality and my crazy crafting world of computers and glue guns.

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