Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Check it out!

I just had to post about the new design team I have working with me over at Kraft Outlet.

For anyone who likes to work with paper crafts and stamps you have to stop by our blog, The Kraft Journal,  to see all the wonderful things Beth and her Creative Design Team have come up with using products from our site.

 I guess when you craft in one media form you sometimes don't realize all the wonderful things others are creating with different materials.  I should never look at these things because it inspires me to try my hand at paper crafting.  I have done a little, but nothing like the things these gals have come up with! I guess I thought it was all just scrapbooking, boy was I wrong.

Once a girl friend of mine {who is a bead freak} asked me to join her bead shopping.  Well where in the world have I been hiding?  We went into this little shop and it was like Dorothy opening the farmhouse door on Munchkinland!  All the colors, all the textures, all the new and wonderful things I had never seen!  I thought I was a pretty focused crafter, but after 30 minutes in that place I was overwhelmed with all the choices and had to rely on my girlfriends expertise to help me make my selections.  

I think it is great to find new crafts, it humbles you, it challenges you and expands your horizon.
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  1. Awww . . . thanks for posting my card, Babette! I am having a fabulous time creating with kraft. I'm glad you are liking our creations. :)

  2. Aphra, you are most welcome. I love this card! What a great way to use Kraft paper.


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