Friday, January 28, 2011

Blog Envy

Do you ever just spend a few hours blog hopping? I don't mean reading the blogs you subscribe to, I mean starting on a blog you like and clicking all the links to blogs that particular blog author likes.  Sometimes you find the most wonderful unexpected things in the world.  I was hopping the other day and ran across this blog, Southern Fried Momma.

This woman is a hoot!

She has a way of writing that is like so many people that I grew up with. {one being my sister!}  They always have a funny story or a weird and wacky spin to their missadventures.  I started reading the blog out loud to Mr. MySpareTime and we both were hysterical.  I laughed so hard I cried. 

Her blog has no crafting tips, no beauty secrets, recipes or advise, she just writes about what is on her mind and boy is she entertaining! Stop by and check her out.

One major thing you notice with your blog hop is how diverse peoples blogs are.  There are some that have so much going on that you can hardly read them.  I have a thing about music, I used to have it on this blog, but I read an article about music and it made sense to me.  A lot of people read blogs at night {maybe they can't sleep} and when the music comes on it scares the crap out of them.  I must have a short attention span because I read and click and read some more and that darn music reloads each time.  It slows down the whole process and irritates me. 

I don't mind advertising on blogs, but it does frost my cookies when it's on the side bars, at the top, in the middle of the posts and I even had one that popped up at the bottom of the blog and scrolled along with me.  Come on people, give me a break.  I know they say that Google AdSense is great, but this is getting to be too much.

The other thing I notice is what great writers there are out there in cyberland!  Now maybe they are not writing the great American novel, but they are writing about fun, interesting, thought provoking, informative things.  Blogs are about real people, and I love that.  After I have one of these sessions I just feel so inadequate! 

Well, enough about my blog envy.  I have been getting ready for the trip to Canton and I'm making that list. I thought I better get an idea of what I really wanted and needed and not just come home with my red and black polka dotted shopping cart full of crap I didn't really need. 

These trips to "Junker's Nirvana" are full of excitement and anticipation.  They are also filled with checking the weather report.  It has been warm here in South Texas and next Friday is supposed to be in the Low-50's in Canton. Last night the weather man said a big cold front was headed our way and it could stall out around Northern Texas {well guess where Canton is?}  So now I am planning my Junkin outfit.  It has to be comfortable, warm, has to go with comfortable shoes and has to go easily under a coat.  It will all work out, usually I have on something that would be great for Houston, but in Canton the wind is blowing a gale and I'm freezin, or it is hot and sticky or raining or any mixture of these weather situations. 

This is what I hope the weather will be like, but I'm not holding my breath! 
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Have fun Babette whatever the weather! And I am totally with ya on the blog envy. I read a blog called April Showers and she is hysterical too..always makes me laugh. I had to laugh about the music on blogs because I usually get my baby girl to sleep and blog hop. It is usually late and the whole house is silent and BANG on comes some Loud music and I franticly trying to find the mute button..

  2. Janette, I had a mental picture of you trying to get that music off! I am frantic to get the music shut off. Sweet dreams to you and your baby girl.


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