Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Today is Friday and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to make time for Mr. MySpareTime and myself.  We have worked so hard getting our three craft businesses successful that sometimes there just isn't enough time for FUN!  After raising 3 sons {and thank goodness they are almost grown}, I have decided this year is all about ME!  I sometimes feel like I get lost in the shuffle.

So today Mr. MySpareTime and I are going junkin.  We have declared Friday as "Fend For Yourself Friday". We are going to take 1/2 day, every other Friday to do what we want; hit all the Goodwill stores, Habitat for Humanity ReStore , thrift shops and anyplace else that strikes our fancy.  We might even go wild and go to a movie {if we could find one that we want to see}. On one of these Fridays we are already planning our first trip of the season to Canton, Texas Trade Days.

It almost feels like playing hooky.  You know that feeling, part excitement, part guilt, part freedom and part fear! You want to go, but you have responsibilities.  You need to go and take a break, but you should really be getting things done.  Well, I am going hog wild and making a break for it.  I have things I could and should be doing, but I am heading out of here at 12:30pm today with no regrets!  I will not answer the phone or check email, I will run with scissors and throw caution to the wind {well that sounds good, but I am not too wild}.

I have to look at this realistically, I have to collect new items for My Spare Time Designs or there will not be anything at the craft shows.  I am really working {even if it feels like fun}.  So I will post pictures on Tuesday of all the new things we find today, so wish me luck!

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