Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I have a plan!

Well, kinda.  Because of all the icy, cold weather lately Mr. MySpareTime hasn't been able to get outside and prep all the things I need to be working on.  I already have four "special" projects just waiting for me to get to them.  

I am very blessed that I have a bunch of girlfriends that scour their closets, their favorite junk/antique shops and  department stores for things they want me to transform into items for them. 

Rhonda wants a matching chair for her other grandson.

Barb just wants these painted with a simple crackle finish and some holly added.{Sorry to say she said do them at your leisure and it has been a year!} 

Sharon has a list going. 
She brought this chair for an overhaul and then her poor Santa needed a spa day.

I have to say that this is a testament as to how well built Mr. MySpareTime makes our items.  This old guy is at least 10 years old and all that is wrong with him is that he is faded and his tree needed some work.  We removed his arm to strengthen it and as soon as the temps get into the 50's for a few days I will head out there to get him all spruced up! {I will post a before and after picture when that happens}

Most of these things will be done once the weather warms up and they really shouldn't take too much time, probably a day or two. 

But back to my plan. 

I have been wanting to take my folk art business in a slightly different direction this year.  Due to the huge amount of sales on both Print Me Prim and Kraft Outlet it is impossible for me to make enough product to fill four days of shows.{also, my girlfriends like to come over for preview days}

Each year I try to make a list of all the old tried and true items I will make for the shows and then add at least half of those numbers in new products.  Sometimes it is just the same products with a new design or sometimes it is something I have never done before. Here is where the fun creative side runs into the analytical business side.  I love to try new things but I also have to make a profit.  So my plan was to make about 2/3 of my inventory Christmas/ Santa items, then 1/4 Snowmen and 1/12 in Halloween. As usual I have come up with way too many Halloween ideas. {did I mention we love Halloween around here}

I have a list going in my inspiration book and will be finalizing that list this week.  My goal is to be finished with all Halloween items by Easter! I have to come up with my materials list this week and head to Lowe's on Friday.  This is a great plan, but I don't think I have ever hit my deadline! {life just gets in the way}

Oh, and take a look at what I got Mr. MySpareTime to snag out of the trash!

Score! A full size solid wood door and a newel post. {He is still a little squeamish about dumpster diving, but he is getting better!}

Better get some work done so that I can work on that list. 
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  1. Oh wow Babette I love that chair you did! It looks beautiful. You have some lucky friends..Can't wait to see what you do with the other stuff!!!!

  2. Hey, I recognize those baskets, they're mine! :) Just wait till the wedding is over and I'll be back to my old ways and find more stuff than Sharon!

  3. I like that you are menatlly organized and you write things down. I teach school and try to keep myself busy during the year but hit the ground running during my summer breaks.
    I did an open house last year and it went well. So, I am going to do another one but I don't have much in the way of halloween/fall. Perhaps I will branch out and give it a try.
    I would love to have a big barn to work and keep my crafts out of the house.
    I look forward to your new projects this year. I am not ready to start my own blog but I sure do enjoy looking at others.

  4. I got a door simular to yours and cant think of what to do with it so far...it is stored. I need a idea that makes it useful. Come see what I have been up to since Spring...creating outside! Tootsie


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