Friday, February 4, 2011


Well as you guessed the road trip to Canton has been cancelled.  WE were supposed to get 1"-3" of snow, but all we got was 1/4" sheet of ice!  It is a mess, they have closed all the freeways and said it won't get much better until tomorrow.

This is Mr. MySpareTime's car!

And the wimpy little icicles on the side of the house. 
Nothing pretty, just a traffic mess. 

I was in the winter storm mode yesterday and cooked up a storm.  I made chili, and homemade vegetable soup, gluten free German Chocolate Cake and Gluten Free Pizza.  Now I have dinners made and I am going to take advantage of the time stuck at home. 

I am a great believer in lists and planning.  I'm sure this is because it makes me feel like I have some control, but it also gives me peace of mind to see all those little check marks. 

So this long cold weekend I will get my "game plan" ready for the new season.  One of my problems is that I see so many new things, in magazines, on Etsy, on eBay and on websites, that I want to make.  I would say one of my biggest faults is sometimes not being able to reign myself in.  I will still be adding things to my product list a week before the first show. 

I will use today to catch up on all my other work and then I will make a huge bowl of buttered popcorn and a big Coke and watch a marathon of 1890's movies.  Mr. MySpareTime hates those movies, but I'm sure once he gets his fill of weather reports he will find some movie that blows things up and we will both be happy.

Hope you have better weather and thanks for stopping by.

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