Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's a Conspiracy!

You ever get the feeling that everyone and everything have joined together to work against you?  Well I don't, but sometimes Mr. MySpareTime thinks like that!  I am beginning to have that feeling about this planned trip to Canton I have been talking about.  Now Canton Trade Days only happens on the the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the First Monday of each month.  This is something you have to plan for.

We were suppose to go in February.

Waited another month and had the whole trip planned for March.
Son moved, made a quick trip to Dallas!

Now I have to wait until April for my first trip of 2011 to junkers paradise!
{I just know I missed a ton of great stuff}
{I had my mouth all set for a grilled corn on the cob and hand roasted peanuts}

Do you ever think we will stop being parents?
That we will stop putting our kids before ourselves?
I don't.

That is what makes a parent, but dang am I ready for a break!

So instead of a road trip to Canton I hit a neighborhood Estate Sale and scored big!

These fantastic cutter quilt pillows made from old quilts in the Texas Hill Country.

A great little chair

vintage watch parts and religious medals

and these vintage muffin tins and old wooden spoon.

Too bad the estate sale didn't have Corn on the Cob!

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