Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Tax Man Cometh!

I hate this time of year, TAX TIME!

It seems like such a huge job to get all those little scraps of paper into some kind of order and put your whole work year into a few lines on a form.  But it has to be done, I just see so many other things I would like to be doing instead of adding up receipts!

I promised you a picture of the new potting bench,
well here it is!

I missed that thing more than I realized.  I use it for so many things, spray painting, staining, sanding and all kinds of crafty things.  I even do some gardening chores on it too.  I am afraid that my days of doing much in the garden are long gone.  I barely have time to get my house cleaned {and sometimes that falls short} but to putter around in the garden is history.  I do like for it to look nice, so everything I plant has to survive a Houston summer {hot with lots of humidity, half a day of shade and automatic sprinklers}.  If a plant cannot survive all of those things it will not last at my house.  Each year I buy a new fern for the patio and promise myself that I will water it faithfully, but each Spring I am back at the Garden Department buying a new one!{at my house we consider hanging baskets annuals}  Really, what I want in a back yard is someplace that looks nice while I float around the pool. 

I actually started working on things for the
Fall Craft Show season.

I made a list of all the things I wanted to get finished by Easter and I have quite a list!  I promised myself that I would get all the Halloween things finished before Easter.  Well this Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be a crafting marathon. 

As you can see I have a pile of junk just waiting to be worked on. 

Better get back to those receipts, Mr. MySpareTime just left for a 3 day business trip and when he gets home he wants to see how bad the damage will be!

Thanks for stopping by. 

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