Friday, April 1, 2011

Craig's List

Don't you just love it?

When I was a girl I used to watch for the Thursday paper so that I could see where all the Gargage Sales were going to be that week-end, but now you have that info right at your finger tips with Craig's List.

Now that it is Spring, these babies are popping up all over.

I just love to see what is for sale. 

In Houston, and surrounding suburbs, we have deed restrictions and our sub-division doesn't allow you to have garage sales. Like many of the other neighborhoods around here, we have a community wide garage sale once a year.  This makes for easy pickins.

So when I see one of these

I'm ready to go.
 Mr. MySpareTime is still a little squimish about rummaging through other peoples belongings {especially while they watch you} and he hates to dicker with them. Now mind you he will pinch a nickel until the Indian mounts the buffalo, but this garage sale custom escapes him!

I know what I'm after and what I will pay for something and it doesn't take me long to go through the junk.  This is what I got at a church rummage sale this past week.

Well better dash, there are two estate sales today right in my neighborhood.  {guess they didn't get the memo about that being against the deed restrictions}

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