Friday, March 18, 2011

What A Phone Call!

Just yesterday I got the nicest phone call from a gal who wanted to know what happened to my website.  She said that she had bookmarked several of my Primitive Santa's that I had for sale and that she was wanting to purchase one or two and now couldn't find them.  She said that all she could track down was this blog. 

Well to make a long story short I told her that I had switched over to the blog because most of my things were one of a kinds and it was hard keeping up with a full fledged website.  {I know, so much for keeping it short}  During the conversation it came up that she really wanted to purchase several of my patterns for these things.  Well as crafters I'm sure you all are like me, we have great plans but something seems to always get in the way of our genius ideas!

I have had a plan to scale back my shows and start moving more toward Etsy and selling patterns on 

 I even have an account on PatternMart, just never found the time to switch all my doodles and sketches to real patterns. 

So this phone call has gotten me off dead center, I am going to make some patterns!
{I don't know how many at first, but that is my plan.} 

Then started talking this over with Mr. MySpareTime and he pointed out that there are only 24 hours in every day.  He then asked when exactly was I going to sleep?  I hadn't gotten to that part yet in my plan, so we started talking about all of our online businesses. 

We have been so blessed by the wonderful customers who follow us to craft shows, who purchase printed items from Print Me Prim and the great people who have turned Kraft Outlet into more than we could have ever expected, but something has to give. {and I don't want that to be me!} 

I was a statistical analyst before I got married and I look at my craft business with a logical eye.  There is no way for me to keep up with two very busy online businesses and do more than 1 large craft show.  I have My Spare Time on Etsy, I have it on the Prim Nest and I have a very large craft show in October, so it isn't like I'm giving it up, I just need to be realistic about time and money and personal sanity!

So with a sad heart I have to say that My Spare Time Designs will not be at the Judy Dierker Craft Classic this year. But you will still find me at the Northampton Spirit of the Holidays Marketplace on October 8th.

 Come by and say Hey!

Well enough life changing nonsense!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Babette. Just found my way to your blog through the Prim Nest. My in-laws used to live in Spring! Not live north in middle of nowhere between Huntsville & College Station. Good to hear from someone else who is facing the challenge of too many good things to do and not enough time! ~Roberta

  2. Whoa, now that's dedication! She went through a lot to find and buy your crafts, and it also gave you a reason to sell those patterns for others to try and make. I hope you don't get overwhelmed with the sudden influx of customers.


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