Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What A Weekend

Mr. MySpareTime and I had a very busy weekend.  One of our good friends' daughter was getting married in Waco, Texas this last Saturday and we were going to take this road trip for a little relaxation.  Then I remembered that it was the Humble, Texas Trade Days and Community Garage Sale on the same day!  We were going to leave for Waco at noon so we had to really hustle to drive over to Humble, do some junkin and then get back by noon. 

We hit the mother load!

We got there just after they opened and what it looked like was a craft show/garage sale/antique dealers.  It was a mish-mash of all kinds of things I didn't want or need.  The prices were very high.  Then we ran on to a gal who had some really great items at very reasonable prices and she said every price was negotiable!
{now that is my kind of gal!} 

I got the quilt, and these two vintage sifters for $12.

Then we headed into the Garage Sale part of the building and only in Texas could you find a Garage Sale in the same place where they had a cattle show, boy did it have an odor!  I wore flip flops and was not prepared for a loose dirt {and who knows what} floor.  But we found this clock for $4 and the barrel for $5, childrens ice skates for $5 and

the Bid Kahuna of the Day,

this chair was only $5!
{That's right folks, only $5}

We hauled our treasures home and headed for the wedding, but before we could get out of our neighborhood there was an Estate Sale and I found the prim Santa for $1.
Along the way to Waco we found several Flea Markets to visit, but boy are they proud of their junk!
{I'm sorry, I will not pay $45 for a cracked crock!}
After several stops, we came away with nothing.

Then on Sunday, as we were headed back to Houston, we came across a large outdoor flea market and stopped in to take a look.  Well if I needed a pony ride or live chickens, religious icons or cowboy boots, baby clothes or produce, old video games or a hair cut, a new puppy or a live exoctic bird, this would have been a great place! 

All I found was this cute table for $3.

So my entire weekends accumulations was a
Grand Total of $40!

Now I just need to get started on them.
Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Wow , you sure got some great steals though. I like you want a bargain when I hit the flea markets not overpriced junk or new made in China stuff. Happy Tuesday .
    lil raggedy angie


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