Friday, April 22, 2011

Sorry Missing So Long

Good Morning all you Craft Junkies!
Sorry it has been so long in posting, but you all know how life just gets in the way.

I always have the blog on my "To Do List", but it is sometimes on the bottom of that very long list.  Recently that list seems to be as long as a Kansas clothesline. {something my Granny used to say}

I will play a little catch up here on all my news.

*1st. -  I sold my first item on The Prim Nest!
I was thrilled,

this cute little fella now has a new home!

*2nd - Decided to really work hard on my Halloween things and have several that are almost finished! 

My goal of having them ALL finished by Easter looks like it might be a stretch {because of #3}

*3rd - I have had several requests for my patterns, so that is what has slowed down my Halloween stuff. I am trying diligently to get my patterns in digital form {a lot more work than one might think}. Who knew you had to write out every stinkin thing you did and have clear photo's of all the stuff?

*4th - Over at Kraft Outet we are soooo busy that I am meeting myself coming and going.  Beth, my Blog and Social Networking expert, has been so busy on Facebook, Twitter and The Kraft Journal Blog that she has single-handedly increased the followers from 4 to over 200!

With that many followers I was a little embarrassed by the appearance of the blog, so I decided to throw some lipstick on that pig and have started a blog make-over.  {I will be switching over the graphics during the Easter Holiday, so come take a look next week}
Here is a preview of the new buttons

*5th - It was my 27th Wedding anniversary
yesterday to Mr. MySpareTime.

What a great looking pair!
Crazy about him then and nothing has changed in 27 years.
He is my best friend and the love of my life.

So these are the things I have been doing the last week and a half, but that is no excuse for not keeping up with the blog.  I just hate it when people give the excuse that they are just too busy, so I will save the lip service!  Life is like a CIRCUS, sometimes you are the Ring Master, sometimes the Clown, sometimes you fly high like the Trapeze Artist and sometimes you shovel elephant POOP!
Hope your day doesn't involve a shovel!

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Cute bunny! Looking forward to seeing your patterns. ~Roberta


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