Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spam and a Baby Shower!

It finally happened, I got spam as a comment!

Don't these people have anything else better to do with their time than post crap on other peoples blogs or hire someone to write a program that will post it for them?

Now really, do they think that the followers I have are interested in online gambling?

I think this is a crafter lured into gambling by a blog post!

What a sorry state, I have always told my kids if people like that would spend just one fraction of their efforts doing something good, instead of underhanded, they would be very successful.

Well on to happier thoughts, the baby shower!
My niece, Aubrie, is getting ready to have a baby in June and we are going to go to Tulsa, OK this Thrusday to be a part of the family Baby Shower. 

Shopping for a baby shower is sure different from when I had a baby.  They register now and that makes it easier, but I'm sorry I think they have made raising kids a science project.  All the stuff they sell you that is high tech, baby wipe warmers, diaper wrappers, baby listening monitors, cameras for the nursery, electronics that tell you if the baby is breathing, swings that run on electricity or batteries.  I'm sure these are all wonderful inventions, but how did we all survive? We rode bicycles without helmets, had our butt wiped with un-heated wipes, bounced around in the back seat of my mom's car without seat belts {now that was a very bad idea} and we all made it.  So I decided I would buy something that was low tech and just plain cute.

picture from Pottery Barn Kids
This blue polka dot bag is so Aubrie!  I had the babies monogram put on the bag, FTP.  They are expecting a boy and his name is Finn Patrick Thompson.  I hope he has red hair like his dad and the sweet intelligent nature of my niece.  Bonus, he is due to arrive just a few days after my birthday!  So I have a few other gifts in mind but I will share those after I get them finished.  You know me, I have to make a gift for all my special people.

So I will miss posting this Friday and Mr. MySpareTime and I will be having some fun with family.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I ve been getting spam too last week or so but mine is for some online oil paint instruction lol what are they trying to say ? lol Baby showers are way more complicated these days , the bag you picked is darling though and lovin the name they have picked! Enjoy the shower and your trip.
    lil raggedy angie

  2. Thanks Angie,
    At least they think you have potential as a painter, I just get the adult sites and online gambling. What does that say about me?

  3. I hear ya about both spamming AND all the high-tech baby gear too... the gift you chose is SO CUTE and something she will actually USE... great idea! Hope you had fun with your family!

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