Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jack Pot!

Boy, did I have a great time at the annual garage sale in our neighborhood! Our sub-division holds a garage sale once a year at the high school and it used to be the neighborhood event of Spring. 

They used to sell you a booth for a few bucks, then they supplied port-a- potty's and sold food, it went from 8-2 and was packed with people from the time it opened until the Goodwill trucks came to haul off anything you didn't want to drag back home. 

Well as most things do, the Northampton Garage Sale changed!  It is now a very small event run by the local Boy Scouts.  It is still fun to go, you see neighbors and friends and find the most wonderful things!

Did I mention Jack Pot!
Here are the things I found for a whopping total of $40.

A productive day.

There were so many surprises when I opened the bags.

This great stool with the wire supports and that wonderful jug!

Vintage sewing things that took me back to learning to sew at my Grandmother's house, and old school candy {check out the candy cigarettes}

This fantastic bowl and Vintage Christmas ornaments.

More sewing things,

Vintage toys like these marbles and blocks,
{my husband said  I finally found my marbles!}

Can you believe it? 
All of this for $40!  I was thrilled and to think I had forgotten about the sale.
Mr. MySpareTime was headed to Lowe's and saw the sale setting up and came back for me.  Twenty minutes later we were headed home with our treasures.

Gotta love it!

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  1. Good morning Babette,
    I saw your post on the forum and am glad I came here too because I get to see things up close. WOW...I didn't realize the 'jug' was in the photo. Great bunch of finds.
    Glad the tradition is still going on even though it has changed some.


  2. What great goodies you found.
    I love the stool, mirror, blocks and I really love the crayola tin you found. But really I love it all!
    I'm jealous ~ Thanks for sharing.
    Prim Blessings

  3. What a great deal! I missed the marbles in your Primmart post. Love them!

  4. Thanks girls, wish you all could have been in this ladies booth, she had an antique sewing machine, a vintage chalk board, tons of sock stretchers and too much to see. We got there early and she didn't even have her stuff marked.


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