Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ticked Off Tuesday!

First the Good News, I had my first sale of Halloween items!
My friend Sharon stopped by to talk about a few projects I will be doing for her daughter Kelli's wedding and had to take a peek at the new Halloween stuff.  She snagged the Witches Boots first thing.

Knew these wouldn't make it to the show!

Know the Bad News, I'm aggravated!

I know this comes as a shock that I could lose my patience with a customer {just ask Mr. MySpareTime about my saintly demure personality}, but I had two customers that really got under my skin yesterday.
The first one had been a very nice gal who wanted to know about my Baker's Twine and then said she didn't want to pay the Priority Shipping.  I know better than to change my way of handling orders. {hence the need for Store Policies, which no one reads, but that is a whole nother rant!} I spent the good part of 30 minutes talking about her crafting and how to sell on Etsy and I agreed to ship regular post.  She needed time to think about the colors and said she would email me the order later that evening.  I sent a PayPal for the products and the Regular Postage.  She never paid. I sent follow-up email. She said she couldn't pay right now and would have to put it off until after the 15th, that was over a week away.{Total was under $8} Never got back to me after the 15th.  Yesterday she calls and tells me she is ready to take care of the order and wants my address so she can send me the payment.  I explained that I only accept PayPal or credit cards, no checks.  She says she wants to send me cash! I told her NO. Now she starts questioning my policies. OK, now I'm starting to get a little miffed.  She says hold on and I can hear her talking to her husband about the length of her son's hair and how it should be cut and so on in a conversation, now I'm steamed.  When she returned to our phone conversation I explained that these were my policies and I was sticking to it, she then said she needed to handle the whole haircut problem and would get back to me in 15 minutes.  As I hung up the phone I knew she would never call back.  All this over 3 spools of Baker's Twine!

So I let this frustration pass and I receive an email from a customer telling me that she is very unhappy and that her experience with Kraft Outlet was a big disappointment and that as a customer she would never be back.  She goes on to explain that her package was damaged in the mail and that she didn't like what she picked out {the dreaded Baker's Twine!}

Usually I try to smooth ruffled feathers and make amends to my customers even when I don't feel like it has been my fault, but boy did she write on the wrong day!  I told her {very nicely, I assure you} that the problem was with the Post Office and there is no way Kraft Outlet could be blamed for a wet package, and I offered to replace anything that was lost or damaged.  I told her the description and photos of my products are accurate and that the items she had purchased were her own decision.  Of course people are quick to rip off a snotty email to you to complain, but I almost never hear anything back when I respond.

So today is a new day and those two customers are just a few speed bumps in the road!

I didn't even work on anything crafty this weekend, so I don't have any pictures to share.  Instead Mr. MySpareTime and I did a little bit of house updating on the upstairs, we are re-decorating all the bedrooms and we got one finished this weekend.

Thanks for listening to the gripes and thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. My goodness people are so difficult to deal with. I don't get this on the craft end, but as a nurse I fell your pain. Hang in there!!


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