Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Holiday

First let me start by saying Happy 4th of July!

I remember the 4th of July back when I was a kid.  We lived 7 houses away from our grandparents and the 4th of July celebration was usually held at my Grandmother's house.  She had a nice shady yard and that seemed to be her holiday.  We would have a picnic dinner out side under those trees and there always seemed to be watermelon, chocolate cake and homemade vanilla ice cream. 

My dad was BIG into fireworks, so we almost always went to the American Legion Fireworks display and then came home to shoot off a huge assortment of roman candles, Black Cat firecrackers, Red Devil chasers, those horrible ash snakes, and my favorite sparklers.  He also had rockets, cone displays and then some big finale, not to mention the hundred or so bottle rockets.  Remember all these things?

Now this gal had nothing on my dad, except maybe she hadn't been drinking beer all day. {Explosives and Alcohol are always an exciting mix!}

I can hardly believe that the year is half over {makes my hands shake just to type that!} and we are in the long stretch of Summer.  I am behind on so many things that it seems like I will never catch up, but guess what? I am throwing caution to the wind and getting the hell out of Dodge!  Mr. MySpareTime and I are heading to Tulsa to make the acquaintance of this little cutie.

Finn is my new great-nephew.

On the way we are going to stop in for Trade Days in Canton, Texas.  It is going to be 102 degrees in Canton tomorrow so we are getting there as early as we can to beat the heat.  I have several vendors I want to look at and then we will do some junkin and be on the road again before noon.  {I will take some photos of Canton and all it has to offer!}

The return trip will be just as hectic.  We are going to try to squeeze a lunch in with our oldest son who lives in Grapevine, Texas. {a suburb of Dallas}  All in all it will make for a very busy holiday.

I have a few new things almost finished. {almost is the operative word} I have been feverishly working on Snowmen in the time I have been crafting.  These are three of the things that were ready for pictures.

Snowman Bowl,

Believe Plate,

and three SnowCones!

I have a snowman lamp and two really cute canvases and some fabric things almost finished and then there are the gingerbread items I have in the beginning stages.  Hopefully after the holiday I can really whip right through these things. 

So for now I am trying to fill orders, do proofs, print, pack for a trip, finish a project I made for Finn and a few hundred other odds and ends that need to be finished before I leave in the morning. 

Have a great holiday and thanks for stopping by.

Oh, and one more thing.

 I forgot to mention the Fall Fun at the Farmhouse over on Etsy.
Come by and take a peek at all the things the talented members have to offer.{type in FFOFG in an Etsy search for All Items}


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