Friday, July 15, 2011

My Life is a Circus without a Tent!

Do you ever get the feeling that you are on a
roller coaster ride without seat belts?
Well, I do!

The reason it has been so long in posting is because of many things that I will explain, so be warned this post is long!

Last time we talked I was headed to Oklahoma to spend the 4th of July with family and on the way Mr. MySpareTime and I were going to make a quick stop in Canton, TX for Trade Days.  Now Canton is a sleepy little North Texas Farm town except on Trade Days and it is over run with vendors and shoppers, the traffic is slow, restaurants are crowded and parking can be a nightmare.  So when we whipped right through town, got a great parking space in our favorite lot we chalked that up to the Summer heat and thought we had made the right decision to come early. 

Boy were we wrong!!
We were not smart and ahead of the curve, we were stupid and uniformed.  Canton had experienced major storms on Thursday evening and it dang near blew Trade Days away. 

This should have been our first clue, we thought all those booths that were missing or had tents down were just setting up.  We must be a little slow! 

The sound of chainsaws going should have been our next tip off, but we were so fixated on the heat {95 degrees at 9:30 am} and the smell {you know, wet old junk} that the distant sound of trees being cut down didn't sink in.   But when we got to this guy that's when the light bulb went off!

Look closely and you can see where the tree hit his van, while he was sleeping in it! Gotta love those junk dealers, nothing keeps them down.

So by now I am about to faint from the heat, and the smell of all that old wet musty junk is nauseating, so we hit the regular vendors I come to visit and did a quick look around and headed out of town.

You know you are having a Twilight Zone moment when you go to the Ladies restroom at Canton and you are the only person in the place {usually a very long line no matter what the time of day}

Then we get to Tulsa and get to meet our newest family member, Finn!

What a sweetheart!

{side note: isn't this tree bookshelf the cutest?  My niece Aubrie had this vision and her Grandfather and Dad built it.  It is full of vintage books and birds, not to mention the cutest baby sleeping on a branch!}

Had a fantastic time with my sister and spent the 4th watching a wonderful fireworks display right in front of her house!  Couldn't have been more enjoyable, bar-b-que, breath taking fireworks, family and a cool evening breeze! 

When we left Tulsa on Tuesday we headed home and stopped in Dallas to have lunch with our son.  It was so nice to see him and he insisted on taking us back to his place to show off his pride and joy, a drive in movie size television!  That behemoth is huge and Trey loves it.  Mr. MySpareTime said we needed to leave so I jumped up and headed for the car.  We got half way to Houston and I realized I had left my purse on my son's dining room table.  Called son and he said he was headed to Houston on Friday and would bring it to me. No problem, I could do without my debit cards,drivers license, check book, cell phone, camera and favorite new lipstick for a few days.  He calls me on Thursday and breaks the bad news that he will not be coming home for another 2 weeks and that he will put my things in the mail. 

So for the last week I have been an invalid; no money, no driving, no cell phone!  You don't appreciate what is in your purse until it is gone.  I am still doing without the lipstick, I was afraid it would melt in the mail, so I should have that back later next week. 

These are the adventures of my traveling circus.
What did you do for the 4th?
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hi, I am in love with your tree bookshelf. I found one online a couple days ago but its ridiculously expensive. I have been searching for other options when I came accross your picture. My dad is going to attempt to make it. I was hoping you might be able to tell me what kind of materials they used to make it/how they did it?? Thanks so much -

  2. I love your tree and have the same story as the comment above. I wold love it if you could email me back with maybe some material suggestions and maybe some plans. Please and thank you.

  3. I would also love plans if you have them! The tree is awesome and the photo with baby in the tree priceless :) please email me-

  4. I would also love the tree bookshelf plans. I have twin grandkids and this would look great in their room.

  5. No phone for a week? How did you survive that? Even experts say that mobile phone in this age is now a necessity not a luxury. I guess you really had a different week than before.


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