Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Damn Pinterest!

I'm sure all of you have the obsession of Pinterest!

What a great idea to have an online filing system for all those
pieces of eye candy that we run across everyday on the web.

When someone asks me what Pinterest is, I tell them is
is like when you used to cut pictures out of magazines or
newspapers and save them.  

Now you have a place to keep all those virtual images without
filling up your hard drive.

I also like that you can become inspired from other boards.

So I am on Pinterest and I see way too many things to
make or cook or do.

Since I have my new grandson and two empty bedrooms
{but a storage locker full of unused furniture}
Mr. MySpareTime and I decided to make one
bedroom into a guest room and one into
a grand-kids room.
{no pressure kids, one grand-kid is fine right now}

I love how the room turned out!
This was all furniture that we bought when our kids were born
and it still looks good. The room is full of vintage finds and family
pieces, like the old baby buggy wheels and nursery print.  Those
hats and baby clothes were from my boys. 

The only purchase was the baby bed,
our old baby bed was a sight and we had kept it all these years.
{truth is it was cheaper to buy a bed at Ikea than fix and repaint the old one}
The yellow baby blanket was mine when I was born.

Now back to the Pinterest obsession, I have admired these two ideas on
Pinterest for quite some time and I was so happy to
incorporate them into my room along with the old books from my
kids and the chair that was my Mom's.

I know you all have seen the floating bookshelves on Pinterest a million
times, but we had an awkward corner and Mr. MySpareTime
made these beauties for next to nothing and they really make a statement.

And the ever popular Alphabet wall!
This is too damn cute and so easy to make.
{I hung all those wood and paper mache letters with Velcro!}

So I have a room already for any and all children,
we can get 4 in this room alone,
"stack them like cord wood" as my grandmother used to say!

Next time I will reveal the NEW OFFICE!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh Babette I love it. Congrats on the new baby too. You know you cannot buy those old baby walkers anymore. My kids used to race around the house in those lol. See you on Pinterest.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for the congratulations and my kids loved those walkers. I was lucky to find this one in perfect condition. There are a lot of useful things that they say are unsafe to use on babies now!


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