Friday, May 11, 2012

The Big Reveal!

 I have blabbed on and on about Mr. MySpareTime and I sharing an office.
 I was overflowing with paper, products, printers and just plain
junk! So it was time to make the big move and remodel the large
Game Room into our Office.

Now this room had been my catch all for several years.  I stored all my
Craft Show inventory in here, I had a large work table in here and even
had a sleeper sofa for when we had a house full.

You wouldn't recognize the place now!


So much stuff you couldn't stir it with a stick.
I thought I will never be able to get this all back in that
new space and have it look like an office and
not a warehouse.


These are all my products to sell on Kraft Outlet.
Plenty of storage below and in the closet.
Mr. MySpareTime did a wonderful job redoing these
babies, I snagged them on Craig's List for $200.

A product hang area and samples of work.

Another product storage rack that we made out of
two shoe racks and some garden pot liners.
{Saw this idea on YouTube for Scrapbooking Storage}

My great little Coffee Bar. 
We had never really used the wet bar in this
room and now it is a great place to wash
brushes and have coffee.

We have tried to use things that mean something
to us as decorative pieces. The shadow box
is full of Mr. MySpareTime's old Boy Scout pins and badges.
Old tea and coffee pots and a hand
embroidered tea towel made for me from
one of our closest friends, Donna!

Our postal packing station and Baker's Twine holder.
I come from Tulsa, OK and it is on Route 66
so I needed that sign!

A wall full of inspiration and funny things.
Don't you just love the paper cubby?
Found that at a Garage Sale for $20!

The "I Got Lucky" poster is from the Country Living Fair.
We bought vintage barrel plugs with the numbers "2" & "8"
for our 28th anniversary and put the tickets with it.
The Purdue fraternity paddle hangs over my husbands side
of the partner desk.  He has "fond" memories of that thing
warming his backside!

This is the huge desk we made.  I looked and looked for
the perfect desk.  Nothing was the right size or had all the features
we wanted and needed.  So a few hours on the Internet and I
found the website  This is an amazing
site for all kinds of furniture patterns, and they are all FREE!
The desk is 4 feet across and 8 feet long and has a 4 foot
extension off one side for files and another computer.

An Ikea kitchen counter piece that we painted and
stained to hold all of our items that we use when we
fill orders.  It is just the right height and holds everything.

One of my printers and more stuff!
Magazines and twill tape, globes and
gnomes and a bright yellow golf ball basket
to hold old family photos.

My side of the desk!

Work tools for my Folk Art and a bit of color!

The flag that was my father-in-law's for being a
WWII veteran and an old family
painting from Pawhuska, OK.

The Lucky Chair
{named this because we take it to craft shows
and no matter what you put in it, it sells!}
The huge filing cabinet Mr. MySpareTime bought
at Goodwill for $19.99, so now all my files have
one place to live.

And my work table.
Great light and a pretty view, a space where I can stretch out and
still have a plenty of room.  What luxury!

The colors in our office are teal, red and bright yellow!
I know that sounds like a hot mess, but I think it all comes
together with this great  Folk Art hooked rug!

It took a lot of thought and imagination to make this
room come together, but we both love it.  It is US!
The room is filled with things that inspire us or make us
laugh. It is a very workable space.

Thanks for taking the tour and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello Babette!
    TFS your wonderful new work space! Nothing better than a well organized work area, having a place for everything with personal touches that make you want to be at "work" and also helps inspire.
    I also love the children's room makeover. So many special items bring that room together! Congratulations on the new grand baby!

  2. that is one great room, I could stay in there all day lol! now that you're all done, come on over here, I'll leave the porch light on for you lol!


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