Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Met The Funky Junk Sisters!

As I said a few posts ago, Mr. MySpareTime and I were headed to Austin, TX
 to celebrate our wedding anniversary. 

We had scored Early Bird Tickets to Junk Salvation
 and weekend passes to the Country Living Fair. 

It was held in a Ghost Town outside of Austin on a hot, windy stretch of land.

You can see just how dry the Texas Hill Country already is.

There were many of these buildings and they were full of vendors,
there were also many vendors in tents.
 The pictures were taken at the Early Bird Sale and not
that many people were here yet.

Sorry I didn't get pictures of Linda and Dixie, the Funky Junk Sisters,
but I was so excited I realized I didn't have their pictures
until we were already gone!

So on to the Country Living Fair!

The place was packed and luckily we already
 had our tickets so we just cruised on in.

This old fella was at the front and I couldn't understand
why so many people were gathered around taking his picture,
then I heard several people say they had never seen a Longhorn.
 As we got to talking, most of the visitors were not from Texas,
we met folks from Ohio, Utah, Arkansas, Missouri & Maryland.

So I guess our old Longhorn was a site to see!

The Fair was beautiful to see and  full of antiques,
demonstrations, "how to" classes and SHOPPING!!

We purchased several small things like an antique
type setting "s" because my husband sells ink to the newspapers. 
We bought a Fair poster and two old barrel
 plugs that had the numbers "2" and "8" for our 28th anniversary!
{this is a picture of what I did with them}

A large Scrabble tile sign for my office

and this beautiful handmade pumpkin and crow

Don't you just love it?

But the big purchase was something I have had my eye on for a long time
and we found it in this great booth

a new coffee table for my family room

That vintage warehouse cart!
It was waiting to be loaded into the car.
Now mind you we are not ready to redo the family room,
we are still working on all the other rooms on my list,
but we just couldn't pass on this beauty.

I will post pictures of the new living room, Grandchildren's room,
office {wait till you see this transformation}
and now our sitting room/master bedroom/master bath makeover!

But back to the show.
One of the biggest attractions were the vintage trailers
and the gals who owned them!

These little cuties were fully restored and full of vintage stuff!
Everyone was so nice and friendly
{What else would you expect from the great state of Texas!}
and it was a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. wow! what a great weekend! I'd loved to of been there too even if it is a long long drive LOL!


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