Friday, June 8, 2012

End of Week One

Today is the end of week one on the
Creativity Challenge.

This experience is a day to day challenge to
really look at what you are doing and
find ways to change your life to
encourage creativity.

One thing I have realized is that creativity
comes in all forms and my mojo doesn't
work well under a microscope.  I find that
even when I have 20 projects just blank and
needing to be worked on I cannot rush the inspiration.
When I am patient it will come to me in a flash.
I am not a work in progress, the finished product will
come to me all at once and BOOM it's finished!

So let me share what I did on Tuesday.
One of my close girl friends daughter is getting
married the 23rd of this month, so I have
been working feverishly on many things to make
this the brides very special day.
I have printed the wedding invitations, the rehearsal invitations,
and thank you bag labels.
I have made signs for the mission where they will be
married and still have 3 burlap pillows to paint, a
ring bearer pillow to make, a flower girl basket
and head band to embellish and a painted hanger for
a member of the house party.
But here is the what I made on Tuesday,

These are the table cards, each one named for
a charming town in Texas.
Then I will print the matching escort cards to be filed in
a vintage sewing drawer!  Too Cute!

Wednesday was nothing tangible that I could take a picture of.
My sister, Nanette, is starting a new business and we
Skyped while she threw ideas at me and showed me pictures
of her vision.  That is one of the best things about my
sister, she is full of imagination and enthusiasm.
She had her business name and I helped her get her
.com and email set up.  She will have the cutest shop and
website. I love brainstorming, it is pure creativity!

But that evening we had a rain storm and look what happened!

Our neighbors tree fell over on our driveway and missed
our son's car by about 5 feet.  I didn't think it was raining
that hard, but the tree must have been rotten.  What a mess.

Thursday was a full work day on the websites but then I
did the long task of deciding what to make.  I usually start with
inspiration from websites, magazines, Pinterest boards or things
people send me.  The images have notes that say "love the colors" or
"look at the legs on the table". These are my inspirations.

I also look at the stuff {that is code for supplies} I have on hand.
I then think of how to use the inspiration on the pieces
I have or need to find.

I look at all the images I have and start the
spiral notebook.  I truly think that my sister and I keep the spiral
notebook industry going, we have so many. {this is a mutant trait
from our mother who did the same thing, Darwin at it's best!}

I make a sketch of the piece I will be working on and how I will lay
out the things I want to paint or make.  It takes a while, but once the
creative juices start to flow I can whip out the list in a few hours.

This will be my working list, it is forever a changing thing.
I love lists {but that is a whole nother story} they give
me the feeling of accomplishment and I get great
satisfaction in checking things off that list!

So today is full of things to do and I better get busy
or there will be nothing creative to talk about.
Thanks for stopping by!

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