Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Staying in the Moment

You know I hear that term all the time now
"stay in the moment". What the heck does that
really mean?  Never multi-task? Never let your mind
wander? Always stay connected to your innermost
feelings?  I don't think so.

The key to that statement is MOMENT.
Most of life is average and ordinary, it is doing the same
things day in and day out, but once in a while you get that
MOMENT.  The secret to "Staying in the Moment" is
recognizing the MOMENT. Savor that sweet time and
realize that these are the truly important things in life.

This is true with your kids and your husband, in your job and
in your craft.  I find that sometimes when I am working on a
commisioned project I find it to beWORK, my creativity is there but
not all that exciting. I get the most satisfaction when I see something
and the design and execution all come together in one
great MOMENT.

But, back to reality and most of the time it is daily chores and
things that need to be done to get to those times when
magic happens.  This weekend was mostly not-so-creative work,
 but a few creative things did happen.

We finished the final details on the studio; installed the air conditioner,
{and boy do we need it! the temps are already in the upper 90's}
put up the ceiling fans, found a rug to help absorb noise and
moved all the items back in there that are waiting for
me to work on.  This was a hot, sweaty job my friends, but
it is over!

Then I got started on that laundy list of things to do
for the wedding I am working on.

Here are the finished projects.

The Flower Girl Basket

and Head Band

The Ring Bearers Pillow

And the Escort Cards

Now all I have to finish are the three painted burlap
pillows for the lounge!
{Boy have weddings changed! It used to be a ceremony,
a cake, a few nuts and mints and it was over.  Now it
is Lounges and Food Stations and DJ's and Signature Drinks!}

Then on Monday I got to keep my little grandson!
{I am surprised I got any work done at all.}

I am heading to Tulsa for the rest of the week to spend time with
my sister and help her re-do her quilting space.  She is so talented
with her sewing and now is ready to open her own site and shop.
{More about that to come!}
I will try to post on Friday, but who know what will be going on
once my sister and I start brainstorming.
{I can feel Mr. MySpareTime cringing!
I think up the ideas and he makes them happen}

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  1. Oh Babette, you are so right! I've been doing this challenge for 9 days now, and have found it impossible to "stay in the moment" all day. It just tires you out to try! You need to let your mind wander, and do the mundane tasks on auto, otherwise you just wipe yourself out early.

    The key is definitely being able to snap yourself awake to the special moments, and savor them for as long as you can before they are lost. NOT to try and live like EVERY moment is special.

    Thank you so much for your inspiring words! :)

    PS Your grandson is SO adorable!!

  2. Thanks Kristal for those kind words.

    We are led to believe that we will miss out on the important things in life if we are not tuned in to everything we say and do.

    Trust me when your little girls are going off to college and you ask them about happy memories from their childhood it will not be what you expect. It will be some random memory and you will be so surprised!
    I think my boys had the "Men In Black" treatment because they don't remember squat!

    Thanks for the challenge it is great.


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