Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Such a Failure!

Sorry I missed posting on Friday, but I had such great
plans for really getting a lot of things done for the Craft Show
so I put off posting.

Well boy was that a bust!
I had a list and just knew I was going to whip right through it.

I didn't get squat done!

My daugher-in-law has gone back to work part time and I agreed to
be the babysitter for my grandson a few days a week.
What was I thinking?
Didn't I know I would spend all day playing with him?
It is amazing how many times you can kiss one baby!

He is a cutie, but unless he figures out how to paint I'm in trouble.
This is going to take careful planning on my part.
I love having him here and wouldn't miss it for the world,
but I had better get busy during nap times!
Then on Saturday Mr. MySpareTime and I went to Lowe's early and spent
way to much time in there getting all the things we needed for those
projects we didn't get to work on.  We get home and decided to
do a quick fix-it on the steps to the studio and when I went to
remove one board the whole thing collapsed!  So back to Lowe's 
Mr. MySpareTime goes and then he start remaking the steps. 
Finally finished and job well done.

Then had to stop to go to a party.  Don't you just hate it when
parties get in the way of craftin! {wink, wink.  Me neither!}

So I adjust the work schedule and get up early on Sunday to get all
the things finished that I didn't get done on Friday & Saturday.
Sunday wasn't really any better then the other two days. It was one thing
after the other and finally I just came inside to work on computer stuff.

I have been taking this 30 Day Creativity Challenge and failed misserably!
I had such dreams of really getting things done,
but as usual, my goal is far to lofty. 

Well, I did get a bunch of things base coated.

Sneak of a new fabulous item coming to the show.

And almost finished 4 new patterns.
They just need the finishing touches so I can take photos
and have them ready to sell!

So what I have learned during my 30 days is that I cannot produce things like
a machine, I need time to think and then I will get creative.
I also found that baby snuggles beat out crafting any day!

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Your Grandson is sooo Adorable!
    You don't get much done with little ones around!
    The new steps look like the perfect addition to the studio! Good Luck with the craftin" Looks like you got a good start. Have a wonderful 4th!



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