Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Day Late!

How did that happen?
It seems like I just posted and I am already a day
late on the next one!

The days are running together, but now
that we have returned from a trip to the Texas Hill Country
it is time to get serious about the craft show.

So mark your calendars!

On our road trip Mr. MySpareTime and I were talking about what we
wanted to start crafting on first.  So I whipped out the old
Ipad {love that thing} and was lookin at the calendar and boy did I have to
take a deep breath, only 14 weeks until I need to be ready! Yikes!!

While we were out junkin' I was on the look out for old cabinet doors. 
Now most of the time these things are pretty easy to find, but this year they
have been as hard to find as Hen's Teeth.

Like these from last year

These darn things have always been great sellers for me and I love
working on them.  There just so many things you can do with them
and customers love them because the are easy to store.

I am still on the Creativity Challenge but you know trying to make
creativity happen on demand is pretty hard.  It's like trying to go
to the bathroom on demand at the Doctor's office. Once you stop
trying, you can go till the cows come home, but when you try to
force it, it just isn't happenin! 

This challenge has taught me that creativity is happening all around us
most of the time.  It is from how you dress in your own style, to how
you never follow a recipe exactly, to how you decorate your home,
to your artistic expression.  So most of the time I am doing something
creative and just didn't realize it.  I think what I really wanted was
a quick fix to getting my craft show stuff finished.
{who am I kidding, STARTED!}

 To really kick this years crafting off, I will take every Friday off from
the websites and really push the crafting.  Once I get started I can usually
knock this stuff out in no time.  I am also going to be enlarging my pattern
selection, so as I make the things I will be making patterns too!
{Multi-tasking at its best}

So the Friday posts might be later in the day, it is soooo hot here that I have
to get outside in the early morning and stop about 2pm or it is just miserable.

So hopefully on Friday I will have a few pictures to share of new items!
Thanks for stopping by.

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