Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last Real Push

These are the last few days before our
Private Trunk Show and my work
 table is full of unfinished projects.

I had promised to post pictures every day
but that is just not happening!  I have
every intention, but life just gets
in the way. 

Here are a few things that are finished.

A new primitive lighted Santa.
A great new Santa with a swag of lighted greenery.
And this guy, a wonderful old vintage
ironing board turned into a great looking
Santa, complete with lighted tree.  I couldn't
bring myself to remove the ironing board legs
because this old piece had sawdust padding, a rusty
wash board for a place to hold the iron and the best
part was the doodling on the legs in pencil.  I can
just see some little kid playing under that ironing board
as their mom or grandmother worked.  You can see
a star and two letters, N A.  I want to believe it is for
NANA, probably wishful thinking!
I'm still hard at work, so stay tuned, there will be
something special on Thursday's post!
Thanks for stopping by.

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