Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What an adventure!

Sorry I missed posting last week, I was spending
the week with my sister.  She has been battling
Inflammatory Breast Cancer for the last 10 years
and it has returned. She and her husband have come to
 Houston's  MD Anderson Hospital for a second option
on her rare form of cancer.
That place is phenomenal! 
It is the Disneyland of cancer treatment.

Whatever you need they have.  If you need a CAT scan they
schedule you one tomorrow.  If they need to see blood work you are
sent to the lab and almost before you can get back to the Doctor's office
the results are there.  They have hundreds of patients there every day
and yet you never really felt like you waited very long.
The good news is that my sisters tumor {walnut size under her arm}
has shrunk by 1/3 and NO cancer anywhere else!
She was sent back to Oklahoma to finish the chemo treatments she is
on and will return to Houston in 9 weeks to see the Doctor again.
He also told us about a new Breast Cancer drug, that just came out
4 weeks ago, that is doing great things and has far less side effects than
most chemo treatments. 
Thanks to everyone for asking about her and keeping us in your
prayers, they are most appreciated.
But, needless to say crafting is far from my mind right now.  I
have started on sketches but that is as far as it has gotten.  It should
be a wonderful weekend and I am hoping to get started on a few
new Halloween things!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thinking of you and your sister, keeping her in prayer for continued treatments and good news.

  2. Sending prayers for you and your sister. 'Hope you are enjoying Spring in Texas :)


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