Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What A Bust!

Mr. MySpareTime and I head to Huntsville, TX
early Saturday morning with great
expectations of treasure hunting.
Boy were we disappointed!
Now don't get me wrong, it was a very nice
show, with a lot of very nice vendors, but
it was not what we were looking for.
This show was for finished products, not junkin.
I didn't buy one thing. 
But the funniest thing happened.
I found a vendor who was selling one of my old birdhouses!
I recognized the shape and color and went over to check
it out and sure enough it was mine. 
{sorry couldn't take a picture}
Back in the day, we made 100's of birdhouses a week and had
sales reps that traveled from Maine to Virginia selling them.
When I saw that cute little house it took me back.
The house was in surprisingly great shape, the colors and painting
were all there along with the little sign above the hole.
You never know what you will find at a show.
Thanks for stopping by.

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