Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guess What Day It Is?

And no the answer is not HUMP Day!

It is my niece Afton's Birthday, and yesterday was Aubrie's Birthday, her sister.

I could not be more blessed than to have these two fine young women in my life.
Afton, is dark haired, take charge, dry wit and sarcastic. {runs in the family}
She is an emergency room paramedic and married to Kyle, her fireman husband.

Aubrie, is the fair haired trendy mom with a Glock in her purse!
She is a cop and can be "just the facts, ma'am" when she needs to be.
Aubrie is married to Frank, her cop husband and the proud mom of
Finn and Riggs.  

Both girls are smart, funny, fully of purpose and junkers like their aunt.
We spend every chance we get hitting the antique haunts in Tulsa.
And just a heads up, Afton is quite the Etsy Shop owner!
Check out WoWo Retro on Etsy!

To celebrate their birthdays they are headed to Canton, TX with my sister for
two days of junkin. Wish I could join them, but after Canton they are headed down here for
my Grandson's second birthday. {boy how time flies}  This will be a first time
all the boys have met and we are excited to all be together.  

Happy birthday girls
See you soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. We love you so much aunt babs thank you for always being there and including us in your lives!! Finn is still talking about gannon we had a blast!


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