Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tales of Confusion

Yesterday I started work on items for the 2008 Craft Show season! I am very lucky to have a husband that works as hard as I do on my business. I come up with the designs and he makes them all work. We have been working together for almost 15 years and each show season brings the same feeling of confusion.

The first thing that I am confused about is what to make this year. Do I make some of my best sellers from previous years, do I make all new and different items? Would I like to try a new technique and have some of those items in the mix or should I just stick with things that are tried and true? I don't like to play it too safe, so I always try to come up with new designs to replace items in my stock. I like to keep things fresh and I have many return customers and they like to see new items. I figure if I like the end result then so will the paying customers.

The next thing I am confused about is how many of each item do we make? If I sold out of an item last year do I make more this year? Do I make the same amount this year and hope to sell out again this year? You don't want to get stuck with inventory that you have to carry over until next year, so I give this question a lot of thought, too much thought according to my husband.

The confusion continues when I have to think about how many craft shows I should do. I have been blessed for many years with being accepted into wonderful shows and the more shows you get into the more invitations to new shows you receive. When you are first starting out you are just thrilled to be accepted into any show, but as you move along in the craft show business you become more selective about the shows you want to participate in. I try to do 5 shows in 7 weeks and this makes it easy, until you get that new invitation! Should we do another show? Would this show be better than some we are already doing?

Sometimes you have to just move forward and be happy with your decisions. I think things through, get all the information and push beyond the confusion. I have a terrible habit of over thinking the situation, and this adds to confusion. I have learned to trust myself, be happy with my decisions and embrass the confusion!

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