Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tales of Priority

December is here and that marks the end of another craft season! It seems like just yesterday that I was pulling out the Christmas decorations and being thankful that all the craft shows were over. Well that time has come again and another year has come and gone. We have just returned from the Thanksgiving holiday and the house is decorated for the Christmas season, so now is my time to reflect on this last year and recharge my creative batteries.

Every person needs a time away from their job. Like most artists, I work from home and this makes stepping away from my crafts very hard. I not only work as a Primitive Folk Art Crafter but I have an online Primitive printing business, so I work at both jobs during the year, but the fall is my most hectic time. Most of my online customers are crafters and small business owners, so I know how important the fall shopping season is. I have to pay close attention to my work schedule to balance both businesses, but I love both jobs and work hard to keep up with them, so learning to set priorities has been very important to me.

It is easy to say that my online orders are a high priority to me, and so are the craft shows that I do, but I also place a high priority on my kids and my husband, my friends and clubs. I have had to learn that sometimes it is impossible to have a spotless house and be the president of every club I am in. I have learned how to say "no" and I have embraced the fact that most things will get done without me doing them personally. I have learned that not only is work a priority but so is relaxation, so have some fun and relax. Turn the computer off for a full day, don't answer your cell phone, take time for yourself. I started doing yoga and realized that if I don't make "me" a big priority, then I cannot possibly be a help to anyone else. I know that if I take time to relax the creative juices start to flow and before I know it I have a new design or a new craft idea.

Learning to set priorities can be difficult. I sometimes feel guilty for surfing the net and spending way to much time on websites like Etsy and Squidoo, but now I know that this time is well spent. I love to see what others are working on and what new ideas and products are out there. I have convinced myself that antiquing is now part of my job description and my favorite craft magazines are "Trade Journals". Over the years my perspective about work has changed and I know that I need down time to make my job more enjoyable and my crafts new and fresh. I hope that I will continue to keep myself and my family first in my life and that I can keep adjusting my priorities.

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