Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tales of A New Direction

Have you ever longed for your crafting to move in a new direction? For the most part I am a very focused person. I keep on top of things, finish projects and work well with deadlines, but lately I have felt the need for a change, a new direction!

This past weekend my husband and I thoroughly cleaned out my studio. WHAT A MESS! Bits and pieces of things long finished and forgotten, but the most fascinating find was a stack of old (and I mean old) craft books. It was a journey down memory lane to see the counted cross stitch books and funny to remember really wearing those painted sweat shirts. I found a bolt of old paper twist and could hardly believe the hours spent untwisting that stuff. Looking at all that junk gave me a sense of pride in how far my craft skills have come.

This crafting purge was one in a series of steps that I have made to change my crafting direction. Now don't get me wrong, I love my Folk Art. It has taken me many years to get to this point, but I am ready for a few changes in my business. You know, to mix things up. I would like to retire some things I have been doing and explore others. I would like to expand my creativity in new areas. You just have to look at Etsy to see the possiblities are endless!

One way to do this is by learning new things, so I enrolled in two college classes for Graphic Design. Who would believe that I would take a class about computers and meet two great quilters! Four hours a night, two nights a week learning a new computer skill and talking about crafting! The first class only invigorated my thoughts of change. Seeing how these other crafters were using their new found knowledge only fueled my want for revamping.

When I started these classes, changing my website and business was only a far off thought. I knew I wanted change but really didn't have a definite plan. Now I do and have put that plan into action. I want to focus on what I love and follow the road that leads me in a new direction!

Found this old photo of my first craft show! I think some of those painted sweat shirts are in that stuff. That is my little sister and best friend, Nanette, there with me. She is the person who got me into crafting as a business.
Oh how things have changed!

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