Friday, June 4, 2010

Coming Right Along

This getting up at 5am everyday and painting for 3 hours has sure paid off.  I seem to get quite a bit done in the early morning hours without all the everyday distractions.  My "studio" has a great view of the back yard, but who would know, because at 5am it is pitch black out there.  It is kind of soothing to see the sky turn from black to grey and then to blue, or today's overcast hazy sky.  When my husband is in town he brings up coffee refills and checks to make sure I didn't curl up on the sofa and snooze back off.

Here is where I was working just few short hours ago.

As you can see I was working on 6 different canvases all at the same time.  That drives Mr. MySpareTime crazy, but I think it makes a lot of sense.  You don't get as much finished at first, but boy when you get through you have so many things done!  The missing 6th canvas was drying on a back table.  These are great sellers at craft shows and I stock up on double packs of canvases when Hobby Lobby runs a sale! I just love saving money!

On our last trip to Canton, Texas we picked up an assortment of blank wooden crosses and rusty metal crosses.  These are how they came out.  I always sell out of these and make more each year.

Well I have another full weekend of things to complete and many are almost finished, so I should have some great pictures on Tuesday.

Talk to you then.


  1. Babette-
    I do some of my best work early in the morning! Been getting up with the hub at that time for 34 years now! Friends think I'm nuts, but it's worked for me.
    I agree with how the sky changes that early and where I live you can see for miles.
    If you have an effective way to get work done and it's been working all along then stick with it! LOL over hubby's comment. As women, we can multi-task and they still don't get it!
    Have a wonderful day.

    PS-I absolutely love how the crosses turned out!

  2. Thanks Sheila, it is nice that early in the morning.


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