Friday, June 11, 2010

A Productive Friday

Well today has been a productive day for me.  I got up at 5am and instead of painting I went to work getting orders out for Kraft Outlet and KraftyGirl on Etsy, printed 3 large orders and got all this finished and in the mail by 11am today.  I felt so happy about getting caught up and then the "ding" of the email.  Another order and this one had paid for a RUSH, so off I went to get it ready too.  I finally got finished with orders and headed outside.

I had gotten a lot of little things painted this week in the wee hours of morning and finishing those things were first on the "to-do" list.  I had posted an earlier picture of this spoon and said how much I thought it looked like Santa, well I love the way it turned out.  One of the perks to being creative is once in a while getting to keep the things you make.  This guy has my name on it, and I already have the perfect place for him!

The other thing on the "to-do" list was finish the great wooden toy box we found at a garage sale.  Here it is finished and it is so cute.  Mr. MySpareTime does a great job on the prep work and then finishes it with a hand rubbed shine with paste wax.  I know this won't last long at the craft shows.

We also worked on some vintage window frames and all the pieces to the angels are finished and ready to put together, then I will do the paper mache` heads and they will be completed.  It feels like I got a lot done today and then again there is so much more to do!

Thanks for looking and I will talk to you on Tuesday, that is if I am not called for Federal Jury Duty.

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