Friday, October 1, 2010

Special Order

I just love special orders, especially when they are from my two friends Sharon and Barb.  They just bring me a little treasure they have found and say "Work your magic"!  Boy what freedom, to be able to do anything I can think up.  What trust! 

I forgot to get a before picture of this cute little clock that Sharon dropped off last week.  She said she was cleaning out a closet and getting things ready for Goodwill and saw this clock and thought I could do something with it.  Well here it is.

A wonderful Halloween Clock!

The right side,

the left side,

the top

and the front, again.

Did you notice the small bat on the second hand?  I cut that little bat out of card stock and glued it to the second hand, he flies around the clock face!

I loved how this turned out and wanted to keep it for myself.  I told her a masked man had stormed into my house and demanded the clock, but she didn't buy that!  So, it has gone to live at Sharon's house, maybe she will give me visitation rights?

It is crunch time here and the first craft show is coming at an alarming speed. Still have a bunch of things to finish {and start}, but what's a girl to do? I think I will be Scarlet O'Hara today and just say "Tomorrow is another day!"


  1. Beautiful work!

    Love your blog, so glad I found it!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you found me too!


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